If your art group is interested in hosting a watercolor workshop in 2018 - 2019
Please contact Susie to make a date!
Recommended Winter Card Supply List
Other Stuff
If you want to paint individual cards:
  • Watercolor paper (140# CP) cut to fit standard envelopes or
  • packaged watercolor cards with envelopes (make sure they are labeled
    Watercolor Cards or Mixed Media Cards so the will hold up when using
    wet paint.)  

If you plan to scan and duplicate multiple cards:
  • Watercolor paper (140# CP) any size in the correct ratio.
    I recommend and use Arches 140# CP due to it's durable surface that
    allows me to scrub and scratch the surface without damaging the paper.
  • packaged Watercolor Cards or Mixed Media Cards (as listed above)
Winter colors are often thought of as cool and blue and that's a good place to start.
    Cobalt Blue                 Indanthrone Blue                        Quinacridone Violet
    Ultramarine Blue         Quinacridone Burnt Orange          Verditer (Blue)
    Cerulean Blue              Quinacridone Gold                      Quinacridone Scarlet or Coral
These are suggestions, additional colors can be added or mixed in, use what you have.
A few favorites will do!
    #10, #8, #6 rounds (*synthetic or natural)
    1/4",  1/2, or 3/4", flat or angle, or slanted brushes, (*synthetic or natural)
    small-medium rigger or script lines
    #6 scrubber
    Susie's 1" wash brush
Masking Fluid and masking (crape) eraser / Stylus / Cut up plastic cards (expired credit/gift cards)
Sponges (natural sea sponge, or cellulose sponge) and Mr Clean (TM) Magic Eraser for lifting
Paper towels / facial tissues / 2 water containers

Favorite winter photos (optional)
Note: painting patterns and examples will be provided for Susie's card classes