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Painting Nature's Abstracts in watercolor could be considered an
"alter ego" type style for me.  Being raised in rural Texas I've
always found nature's treasures intriguing.  At the time I didn't
realize how lucky I was to have the time to explore the fields and
pastures on our ranch. Looking back now I remember the
discoveries along the creek and on the wildlife trails that wandered
up the bluff a giant treasure trove. These watercolor paintings of
Nature's Abstracts are from memories of decaying fallen trees, or
knotty burrels, or rocks along a gully on a dry creek bed.  All of
which could be easily overlooked by the casual observer not tuned
in to the beauty of the simple nature around them.
Knotlikely  22 x 30         © 1995    Susie Short
Twisted Pinyon     © 1995 Susie Short
Falling into Place             Transparent Watercolor   22 x 30       © 2002 Susie Short
Hallow Oak     © 1995 Susie Short
Copper Leaves  - Transparent Watercolor   22 x 30      
© 2002 Susie Short
Ligeous Mien   © 1995 Susie Short