Knowing where to start is the first step in learning how to paint in watercolors. This class series is designed
for the artist who is new to watercolor,  those who are coming from another medium, or anyone who wants
a refresher course in the foundations and fundamentals of watercolor basics.
Getting Started with Watercolor series is divided into three sessions consisting of 7 classes. With
each session Susie provides easy to follow step-by-step written instructions complete with color
illustrations. You will start your own watercolor notebook that will serve as great reference for your use as
you continue on your watercolor journey.
~ Session One ~ Part One ~
Understanding and Identifying Watercolor Supplies and Materials
In the first class Susie describes and shows you the various types watercolor papers, paints and brushes,
as well as other watercolor supplies you will find useful in your studio. If you are totally new to watercolor
you may want to wait until we get into this session before purchasing your watercolor supplies. The first
class set up for in depth discussion about watercolor supplies and materials to determine what your needs
will be and what is required for this course. You won't paint much during the first class. This will allow time
for those who need to purchase supplies to have them in hand when we do start the exercises.
~ Session One ~ Part Two ~
Brush strokes and Washes
Getting acquainted with the differences between the round and the flat brushes used for watercolor painting
will be our first goal. Again, Susie's video will enhance your learning experience as she shows you how to
hold your brushes and do each of these brush strokes. We will work on foundational watercolor techniques
like wet-in-wet, wet-on-dry and other basics such as flat washes and glazes also featured in Susie's video.
~ Session Two ~
Color ~ The Split Primary Palette
The second session begins our comprehensive study on understanding COLOR!
Discussion will include defining terms used in watercolor such as value,
saturation, and hue as well as determining color temperatures. The Color
Wheels and Color Charts you will be painting during this session will serve as
invaluable tools in your watercolor journey.
~ Session Three ~
Paint Characteristics and Personalities
The third session in this series goes a step further into understanding the watercolor paint in your palette. We
look at paint properties like transparency, semi-transparent or opaque, staining and non-staining, sedimentary
and granulating. Each color on your palette will have it's own page to chart its characteristics and how it
relates and interacts with the other colors on your split primary palette. We will also discuss other popular
paint colors commonly used and where they fit into this concept and palette.
Susie's video will cover each aspect of the course and help you to actually "see" how to do what many of the
basic techniques you will use to paint wonderful watercolors.
And a Refresher Course for the Experienced Watercolorist
The Getting Started Class curriculum is covered in seven classes.
There will be additional exercises to be completed as homework between each session.

Dates for the Spring 201
3 classes are as follows:

Total Cost $325 when paid in advance (save $25!)
( Pay as-you-go option $350 / $100 downpayment required with registration
Balance to be paid in $50 installments prior to each class date.
~ 2013 Details ~
Class Dates and Times
Susie Short Watercolor Artist and Painting Instructor of watercolor workshops and classes.
Getting Started with
An Introduction to the Basics For the Beginner
Bellevue Daniel Smith Classroom
11:00 am - 2:00 pm
March 27
April 17
May 1 and 22
June 5, 19 and 26
Seattle Daniel Smith Classroom
11:00 am - 2:00 pm
March 22
April 12 and 26
May 10 and 24
June 7 and 21
7 Sessions  @ $50 each  (includes printed materials and notebook)