The Essential 7
Susie's Basic Split Primary Palette
Daniel Smith Extra Fine Watercolors
Hansa Yellow Medium
Quinacridone Rose
French Ultramarine Blue
New Gamboge
Pyrrol Scarlet
Phthalo Blue (GS)
Quinacridone Burnt Orange
Click Here to go to Daniel Smith's Online Catalog ( search for Susie Short)
listing the
Susie Short "Artist Series" Set A Essential 7 Paint Set at a 45% discount
These paint choices are based on what works well together for understanding the basics of color
mixing using the Split Primary Palette.  For this class it is critical that you have the correct paints.
If you already have watercolor paints - bring what you have in your paint box
and we will see what you may need to add.
Watercolor Paper Arches 140# CP is required for this class.
Full Sheets 22 x 30 may be divided into eight pieces for our exercises. These fit nicely into sheet protectors for your
notebooks. If you like using Watercolor Blocks these are OK too. Susie will have a limited supply of  paper available for
purchase on class days.
"Life is too short to paint on bad paper."  ~quote: Gordon MacKenzie
Brushes: Two round brushes with good points and good spring. Sables are OK -Susie uses synthetics like the DS
Platinum Series 23-2    #8-#9-#10-#12    these are good choices at very reasonable prices.
If you like using a flat wash brush the DS Aquarelle Flat 72-99 1"  or ¾" are good choices   
A larger wash brush such as Susie's 1inch Cutter/Wash Brush (Available @ Daniel Smith or through Susie's Artstore)
If you already have some favorite brushes-bring them!!
Other Supplies:
Something to hold your paper (Fomecore or Gatorboard or a  light drawing board)  
Your choice of  tape, tacks or clips to secure your paper    
Covered Watercolor Palette like the Richeson Palette (I suggest that you look for flat wells)  
#2 Pencils  ---   
Magic Rub White eraser    ---   Paper towels  ----  Roll of cheap one ply toilet paper
2 quart size plastic water containers -- Black Sharpie Ultra fine permanent marker ---  paper for notes
The 3 ring binders are provided for this class. You will need approximately
30 sheet protectors for your notebooks.
****Susie will bring a limited supply of Daniel Smith paints, paper and brushes for those who need them.  
Please let her know if you need anything specific.  Email:   253-859-1111
Getting Started with             
 Supply List
Winsor Newton Watercolors
Hansa Yellow Medium
Permanent  Rose
French Ultramarine Blue
New Gamboge
Pyrrol Scarlet
Phthalo Blue (GS)
Burnt Sienna
Other acceptable choices:
Click Here to go to Susie's Online Artstore to see the Sampler Palettes and other supplies for beginners.
*Also available in class when ordered in advance.