Making Waves DVD Video Workshop with Susie Short
Susie Short Studio
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DVD Video Workshop


PAINT COLORS recommended for this DVD:

Rich green gold                                 Raw sienna
Yellow ochre                                     Quinacridone gold
Sap green                                         Ultramarine Turquoise
Cobalt turquoise                                Cobalt Teal
Manganese Blue                                Cerulean Blue
Phthalo blue                                     Indanthrone Blue
Verditer blue                                     Cobalt Blue
French Ultramarine Blue                     Quinacridone Violet
Quinacridone Burnt Orange


no.  8, 10, 12, round brushes synthetic or sable with a good point
2 Flat brushes ¾ inch is a good size
Susie’s wash brush (This is a 1 inch hog bristle brush made by Daniel Smith)
#6 scrubber brush

140 pound Arches cold pressed watercolor paper divided into 1/8 sheets
Approximately 11 inches by 7.5 inches

Miscellaneous supplies used for this DVD are: paper towels, a blotter made from
toilet paper covered with paper towels, two water containers, cellulose sponge pieces,
single edge razor blade or exacto knife, "Mr. Clean" Magic Eraser, and liquid masking