Step 1:
Wet the surface down to where you want the snow to be.
Step 2:
Drop color into the wet area.
Step 3:
While it is still wet, scratch twigs, or small branches in the wet area with a
toothpick or something with a point. An empty ballboint pen is ideal.
Step 4:
Allow your card to dry until the shine is almost gone, but it is still damp. Now
you gently scrape the paint from the cards surface. In this example I used a
plastic credit card; the slanted end of some watercolor brushes works great too.
Step 5:
Allow to dry completely.
Next, add some drybrush details, such as the darker bark, more branches, and
some darker evergreens behind the white tree trunks. Shadow in the snow add
drama and interest to the empty snow area.
Watercolor Technique Tips:
Scratching and Scraping Trees in Snow
On Watercolor Paper and Cards
Tip:Try painting a series of several cards in an assembly line fashion.
Allow one card to dry while you work on another. By not rinsing your
brushes as often you save paint and time. No two cards will be alike.
Enjoy painting. Happy Holidays!
Below are some more examples of scratched and scraped trees in progress.
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