Susie Short's greeting card classes are a
popular favorite and in her new video she
demonstrates seven of her most
requested card styles.

This instructional video is easy to follow
and includes the basic techniques to
create your own original cards.

1. Scraped Trees
2. "Credit Card" Trees
3. Wet "Charged" Trees
4. Grapevine Wreath
5. Heavy Snow Trees
6. Poinsettia
7. String of Lights

DVD running time : 67 minutes

Great gift idea for the
artist in your life!
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Painting Holiday Cards in Watercolor
$29.95 + s/h
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Comments by viewers:

This was an excellent video. If you want to learn how to paint beautiful Holiday cards, but always thought you
couldn't this is the video for you. Susie, uses a Credit Card to paint trees, easy to fellow. I got so much out of this
video. I'm not very good with Watercolor, but after this video, I can now paint cards for any occasion. The only thing
she did not explain was her palette or the kind of brushes she used. However, its easy to fellow her palette, was
mostly greens, reds, blue & yellow, so don't let that keep you from getting this video. Susie, is a great teacher.
Happy painting!   L C

I really enjoyed this instruction, and it was done quite professionally. The addition of Christmas music in the
background added to the fun!    Mary M
Susie does a great job on her videos. She explains things very well and shows lots of examples. I
have her "Beyond the Sunset" and "Painting Iris" ones also and love them. Her instruction is very thorough and
covers a surprising amount of material. I think they are the "next best thing" to doing a real workshop with her.
Ann L: Holiday Cards

Don't you just love Susie's dvds!?  I wasn't sure I'd care for the holiday card one but once I started watching it I
think I like it best of all of them.  She has some wonderful, simple techniques in there.  Thanks to everyone who
commented on my poinsettia.  I did it after watching Susie's demonstration on dvd.  Wonderful dvds by the way
- I highly recommend them.  Ann in KY
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