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Susie's Watercolor Wash Brush
(aka Cutter Brush) Susie uses in this video.
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Painting  Across America
A series of Watercolor Landscapes
The Oregon Coast

In this step-by-step easy to follow instructional video
Susie Short uses wet-in-wet techniques to paint the stormy
watercolor sky typical of those seen along the Oregon Coast.
Next she demonstrates how to paint the headlands between
layers of  fog and mist. After some tips on composition, Susie
adds the details to the landmark haystack rocks and the ocean's
waves.  This video is packed with basic watercolor techniques.

Running time: 1 hour 16 minutes
Painting the Oregon Coast in watercolor with Susie Short
Selected details for Painting the Oregon Coast with Susie Short
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Painting the Oregon Coast DVD Video Workshop
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Painting the Oregon Coast with Susie Short
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