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In this 67 minute video Susie Short teaches you her simplified watercolor methods,
watercolor techniques and tips for painting the classic sentimental rose -- life size.
It's an intimate approach to seeing the deep crevice darks and the delicate folds of
the rose's petals.
Please note: This lesson is quite different than her first video "Painting Roses!" where the roses filled the surface of a
full sheet of watercolor paper. This video show you how to paint the rose as you actually see it if you were holding it in
you hand.
Detailed cut-out
   from the video...
Running time: 67 minutes
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Totally worthwhile! I learned so much about lifting, about charging color, backgrounds and how to
paint roses using various techniques. Susie Short is an A+ teacher! Highly recommend!! Thanks!
Rose H

Easy and so helpful! Good for new painters like me. I got a good rose the first time I tried.
THANK YOU Susie!  Janette M/ Kansas

Another great video. I like your style and techniques. You make painting fun!  Mary Kay B
Using many of the traditional watercolor basics
Susie will teach you how to:
-Transfer a drawing
-Paint positive & negative shapes
-Paint shadows
-Paint the contour of the rolled petal edges
-Blend off
-Mix glorious greens
-Add foliage
-Paint in veins  ......and much more!

As a special bonus...Susie shows you how to paint
two different backgrounds too! (pictures below