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Painting bluebonnets and Live oaks in watercolor video examples
© 2004   Susie Short Studio LLC
Painting  Across America
A series of Watercolor Landscapes
Painting Texas Bluebonnets & Live Oaks in Watercolor
running time : 107 minutes
Susie's Reference Photo CD for Texas Bluebonnets and Other Wildflowers
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Texas Bluebonnets & Live Oaks Watercolor DVD
Painting Texas Bluebonnets & Live Oaks -DVD / Video Workshop by Susie Short Watercolors
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Watercolor DVD Painting Texas Bluebonnets & Live Oaks with Susie Short
Texas Bluebonnets and Other Wildflowers Photo Reference CD
Susie Short teaches you how to
paint the Texas Landscape in this
easy to follow instructional video.
Using wet-in-wet watercolor
techniques to establish an
underpainting this video walks you
through the whole painting
step-by-step.  In addition to painting
the colorful wildflowers of this
landscape, you will see two different
methods for painting trees in
watercolor. As an added bonus
Susie shares some tips for painting
individual Bluebonnets,
the Texas State Flower close-up.
For more information about Susie's Watercolor Wash Brush
(aka Cutter Brush )
used in her workshops and videos....
Comments by viewers:

Like her video on painting skies, this is a wonderful instruction video. It is slow enough for anyone to follow and
her teaching style is pleasant. It works well for watercolor painters
on any level. DL

If you like watercolor, you will like this DVD by artist Susie Short. I learned some new
techniques that I have never tried such as Wet Media Acetate, to place over your under
painting. You can paint on the acetate, it gives you an opportunity to experiment, if you don't
like the way it looks just wipe it off & start over. I like the fact that she uses a 1" stippling brush
to make the leaves on an old Texas Live Oak Tree, it gives it wonderful texture. Susie, makes
painting in watercolor look so easy. I love to paint Texas Bluebonnets, & I wanted to learn how
in watercolor. I've tired already, & have applied some of her techniques. LC


Susie's Bluebonnets and Love Oaks video is a rare 5-star. Susie does it, shows it without talking about it and
waving a brush around before getting around to it, and you're painting along with her without getting bored. If a
question occurs to you as you're viewing the video, chances are Susie will not only answer it, but be ahead of you.
She knows her subject manner, too, and that includes not only the names of the trees and flowers but why they might
be greener/thicker/whatever this year.

Don't you just hate it when the instructor comes back with a lot he did off camera and talks about how it was done?
Susie does a small bit, but it's more of what she's been showing, so you aren't left wondering about anything.

The camera work is superb, too, Susie has no ax to grind with anyone or any method. She just paints, throws out
some great asides and observations, and has you ready to do it, too.

A winner.  Anne
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