Techniques for Painting Nature's Textures
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DVD Video Workshops
Learn how to paint the textures found in nature with watercolor artist and teacher
Susie Short. This watercolor DVD included lessons for painting pinecones,
seashells, driftwood, rocks, grasses, and leaves. While this is not a single
complete composition, each
nature study is this DVD video covers the details and
watercolor techniques needed to complete future paintings.
It's like getting six  DVDs in one!
Sea Shells
Round Rocks
Falling Leaf
 Seashells                       Driftwood                                  Pinecones
Rocks                        Leaves                                     Grasses
Susie's Watercolor Wash Brush
Susie's Watercolor Wash Brush (aka Cutter brush) used by Susie in her
DVD videos and workshops....
Nature's Textures - Susie Short's Photo's for Artists - Copyright Free High
Resolution Digital Reference Photos on CD Rom
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Comments from viewers:

I just received your texture video this morning and have already watched the entire video through to the end! I
appreciate your always fast service. I do love what you chose to demo for this video, the trees/bark subject is the only
thing you showed that I feel remotely competent at doing already....everything else is a new world that I will have to
try! I have taken quite a few fields/grass/meadows shots that I have been pondering how to approach them and you
cleared that right up for me.
As always, I enjoyed watching this and am sure it will become another good investment from you. Love this one! SR
Oh, my God...I just think you're terrific. I just also bought your 2 snow dvds, too. Susie, I've been taking
classes for years and I learned more from the texture dvd than all of my classes. VK