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I love to thumb through art books when I'm in a slump or need a fresh spark of inspiration.  I'm proud to recommended
these fantastic books loaded with wonderful watercolor art.  This bookstore is hosted by me and powered by Amazon.com.
All sales are made through the trusted and secure Amazon Shopping Cart.   Amazon also displays some additional art
books in the sidebar under "SIMILAR ITEMS".   Many of these books
are on my recommended lists but some are not.  
Amazon just wants to make sure you don't miss anything on this subject.  And some of the books you find there are so
new I haven't even seen them yet!
Please, stop by often to see my critiques, comments  & suggestions on new releases
too!  Watch for my
recommended book of the month.  Each month I'll feature a watercolorist's "treasure" and tell you
why I think it would make a great addition to your personal watercolor library.
OK! I admit it... I'm an art book junkie!