Raindrops on Roses
Painting Raindrops on Roses eLesson
Susie Short Watercolor Artist and Painting Instructor
shares watercolor tips for beginning painters, recommends
watercolor books and supplies she uses in her watercolor
workshops and classes.
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Autumn  Cards     Stamped and Stenciled Simple and easy!
WatercolorTip on how to paint leaves on Autumn Cards
How to paint a rose step-by-step in watercolor with Susie Short
How to paint water drops or dew drops in watercolor
Blotted Trees using a paper towel to
blot out highlights and sky holes.
How to paint a tree in watercolor using the blotting method
Painting Footprints in the Sand
Painting Sand
Watercolor tips for painting sand and beach grasses in watercolor
Testing watercolor paint for transparency and staining properties.
Susie's Recommended  Supply List for Beginners   a limited Split Primary palette  
Susie's Suggestions for a  Palette Layout   tips for arranging your palette
Valentine Cards
Hints Tips and Ideas
Valentine Card Ideas! by Susie Short
Using watermarks
to create the
Painting Hydrangeas in watercolor
            Adding Veins to Flowers (Orchids)
Direct Painting Method
Wet Impression Method  
Watercolor techniques - how to add veins to flowers
of Garden Flowers
Susie's Recommended  Expanded Supply List    updated for 2010
Susie's Tips for Painting Outside
("en plein air")
Plein Air Check List
Painting Heavy Snow
on Evergreens
Painting Texture on Tree Trunks with a credit card
White Trees in the Snow
Scratch and Scraped      
(revised pdf)
Painting white trees in winter using a scratching and scraping technique
Free Ideas for  
Winter Season
Holiday Cards
Tips for transferring drawings to watercolor paper
Susie's Watercolor Tips for Painting with Watercolor are not just for the beginning watercolor artists, but for the
experienced watercolorist as well.  Sometimes known as "Short Cuts" these tips are based on the fundamental basic
techniques we all learned or should have learned in the beginning. Try Susie's way of mastering the techniques of this
illusive and challenging medium! Above all ----- Have fun!
Ask Watercolor Artist Susie Short a Question
Susie's Watercolor Tips and Techniques are free for watercolor artists to print and use. Please do not remove the credits when printing the material. Thanks
Raindrops on
Roses eLesson
Susie Short Watercolor Artist and Painting Instructor of watercolor workshops and classes.
Susie's tips for matting a painting - simplified!
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Watercolor Q & A Blog
Susie's Watercolor
Art Blog
Susie's WatercolorTips
Valentine Cards in watercolor with Susie Short
Tips for making a color chart from the paint in your palette.... from my Ask-Susie Blog
Susie's Suggestions for Watercolor Brush Care - A list of Do's and Dont's
Susie's tips for Watercolor Brush Repair  
Painting the Beach, Rocks, and Reflections in Wet Sand
** plus a painting pattern is available for purchase
Rose Demo
How to paint heavy snow on evergreens in watercolor
<<< Winter Landscape
card tip for 2010
Happy Holidays!

Credit Card
(revised pdf)
This page is moving! It will still be available while I'm transferring the files to my new subdomain
Learning to Paint Watercolors with Susie Short and the Watercolor Learning Center
This page is moving! It will still be available while I'm transferring
the files to my new subdomain
Learning to Paint Watercolors with Susie Short
and the Watercolor Learning Center