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As a teacher with a passion to share her skills Susie Short's step-by-step instructions in Hints and Tips for Painting the Many
Aspects of Snow in Watercolor DVD Video Workshop
and Painting the Winter Landscape includes many close-up camera
angles. Painting the winter landscape covered with a blanket of snow is one of the most compelling subjects for the watercolor
artist.  That blanket of snow is reflective of many colors around it and normally is anything but pure white.  Basic watercolor
techniques are demonstrated and clearly explained. Composition and value are also explained as they relate to working with the
white landscape. These DVD video workshops are user friendly for watercolorists of all skill levels.
No drawing experience is required.
Hints and Tips for Painting the Many Aspects of
Snow in Watercolor DVD Video Workshop
is not a paint-along for a single painting but a series of
mini lessons that demonstrate how to paint several
snowy conditions.   Learn how to paint the illusion of
snow using
masking fluid, salt, gouache, tape, credit cards
and both opaque and transparent watercolors.

Lots of tips and hints for painting snow!!!
Another full hour of fun! (75 min)
Snow Tips
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In Painting the Winter Landscape in Watercolor DVD Video Workshop you
will learn how to mix a variety of glowing grays found in the shadows and
contours of any snow scene. This is complete painting showing each step of the
painting process. Basic watercolor techniques are used for painting a wet-in-wet
background and using dry brush techniques for the details and finishing work.
(almost 2 full hours of painting)
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Hints and Tips for Painting Snow DVD - Painting the Winter Landscape DVD
Painting the Winter Landscape
Hints and Tips for Painting the Many Aspects of Snow
Together in One Box Set            
$59.95 plus s/h      

Comments by viewers:

I spent many hours viewing this DVD (Snow Tips) simply because I could set it to pause and work along with the instructor. I found
that Susie's instructions were easy to follow and I did learn a great deal. I did all of the suggested small watercolors. The tip with the
credit card for painting trees was the best! I can keep these small ideas in my file for future reference. Thank you. Helen
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