Here's How:
~On dry paper, paint the shape of the
droplet using the same colors used to
paint the petal or leaf. It should be
slightly darker on the side that is
nearest the light source.

~You can lighten the opposite side of
the droplet by adding a tiny drop clear
water or slightly blending off the edge.

~Dry completely.

~Paint the crescent shaped shadow
opposite the light source.

~When absolutely dry, lift the
highlight with a stiff brush or a hard
Note: On a darker value, you may want to lift a little color first. Allow to dry. The follow the
same steps listed above. It doesn't take much to give you the illusion of water drops, rain drops,
or dew drops.
Water drops can be painted on any color.
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To enhance your droplets, try
adding a touch of color that might be
the reflection of something near the

A touch of blue reflects the sky.
That's it!
Enjoy painting!
Color added