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Susie's Watercolor Wash Brush
(aka Cutter Brush) Susie uses in this video.
Making Waves DVD video workshop available in Susie's DVD store
Painting the Oregon Coast with Susie Short
Susie Short will show you how to paint ocean waves with
easy to follow step by step instructions and clearly
illustrates how to paint a wave from her reference photos
of ocean waves.
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DVD Video Workshop?
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Susie says, "Hints and tips for Painting Waves in water-
color is an informative fun filled video workshop using basic
watercolor techniques and the easy to follow practice
exercises for learning how to paint each part of a wave.  I
will demonstrate how to use three different brushes and
several brush stroke techniques so you can find a method to
that works best for you and your style of painting.  I will
also share some of my special tricks and special effects to
help you reserve and recover whites as you paint frothy
foam and splashing sea spray."
Susie Short Watercolor Instructor
© 2010 Susie Short Studio LLC
Susie Short Watercolor Artist and Instructor - 2010
Hints & Tips for Painting Waves Workbook
Susie's Making Waves DVD video workshop is a step-by-step
paint along format of a full wave - start to finish!    >>>

For those of you who would like to have a printed version of
the practice exercises Susie demonstrates during the DVD
Hint's and Tips for Painting Waves, there is a
companion workbook available. It is designed to be used
along with the DVD or as a stand alone resource.

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Waves Workbook
This is a video for learning and practicing.  We all know the best way to learn how
to do something is to practice, and practice some more.  Susie will show you
several ways to paint the different parts of a wave so you can find the way it works
best for you.  The practice exercises are simplified so that even beginning painters
can master the skills and techniques. This is not a "
let's paint this pretty picture" type
of video where everyone follows along with the teacher and ends up with a similar
painting. These are learn by doing lessons painted in workbook style to help you
learn how to paint a wave.